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Stop wasting your time searching for the best email marketing tools!

Email marketing is an efficient way to reach customers, but there is a lot of preparation to get a campaign just right. In this coming year, why not make it even easier to create and send stunning emails that get read and clicked? Everything from which marketing automation tools to use to which email marketing platforms. Let us help you find the best tools & apps.

Join Pinpointe and content creator Lisa Furgison McEwen for a free on-demand event that reveals the latest tools and apps that can help make email marketing a breeze in 2018.

During the marketing webinar, we cover email marketing tools that will save you time and make it easy to:

  • Edit images
  • Check content for errors
  • Review emails for spam potential
  • Automate emails
  • And more…

Register today to get the only email marketing tools you’ll need to start fresh in 2018.

This webinar will be useful for all email marketers – beginner to advanced.

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