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AZTurboCourt: a model national e-filing system; with advanced, proven and mature technical features managed by dedicated support programs and employees who serve the Arizona courts and all types of depositors in the past, present and future. 3. A court has not made a custody order for the child in the past year (unless there is reason to believe that the child`s current environment could seriously endanger the child`s physical, mental, moral or emotional health); and In addition to its proven ability to serve depositors and Arizona dishes, AZTurboCourt has a number of unique and advanced advantages. The forms available on this website are generic and can be accepted by courts throughout the state. Please note that each dish may have its own preferred shapes. For more information on court-specific forms, see If you have difficulty filling out the forms here, you can contact a lawyer. Even if you are representing yourself, you may want a lawyer to review your case. The Arizona Supreme Court allows attorneys to participate in what is known as “limited-scope representation.” This is a popular alternative for people who choose to represent themselves in court, but want a lawyer to review their court case or need advice on a particular aspect of their case. Having a lawyer explain the process or review your case can save you time and money when you go to court. All printed and/or handwritten forms must be double-sided and the text of each document must be in black ink on a plain white background.

AZTurboCourt began as part of the Arizona Supreme Court`s Technology Commission`s vision in 2008, in which they recognized the importance of creating an electronic case processing program for Arizona courts, court users, and Arizona citizens. After extensive review and analysis, the Arizona Branch of Justice selected Intresys, the developers of TurboCourt, a successful provider of e-filing solutions for all users, to develop AZTurboCourt in collaboration with the Arizona Courts Administration Office. In addition, AZTurboCourt has served arizona`s courts through its intelligent and interactive guided interviews that create forms for traditional filing. • All parental rights have been terminated by prior court order. It is NOT appropriate to apply for guardianship if there is a living parent who wishes to become a parent and whose parental rights have not previously been terminated by court order. • Request for a statement of due diligence for other periods of service. You can use our Google search to find a specific form or package. • Request for destruction of records, annulment of judgments and/or restoration of civil rights.

(According to the Code of Civil Procedure 16 A.R.S., rule 5.2) • Request for release of the excess proceeds of the sale by the owner. Motion and Ordinance Ordinance on Qualified Family Relations. • You believe that the child is in danger because the parents have neglected or abused him. • Request for execution of assistance ordered by the court – Principal • Request for sealing of the court file for reasons of confidentiality LEGAL DECISION-MAKING IN LOCO PARENTIS (A.R.S. §25-409). 1. You are currently acting as a parent for the child. Application for enforcement Judicial decision ordered by the court or parental leave.

• Information on the legal notice on the application for guardian and curator of an adult • Change of name for an adult with minor children – principal. • Affidavit in support of the correction of a marriage certificate. • Request the termination of the Guardian and/or the Curator and the release of restricted funds. • Application for modification of family allowances (simplified procedure) 2. They believe it is wrong for the child to stay with one of the child`s parents or to be in the care of one of the child`s parents. • Useful information about service to prospects WARNING: Fake phone calls, emails can lead to fraud. Learn more. • Go to the Registrar of Small Recognition and Information to Interested Parties • Attachment Forms (you will be redirected to the website AZCourts.Gov) • Verification of the party`s receipt of non-profit legal services • Request for a change in legal decision-making, parenting time and child support – organizational chart Proof of service or sending of the application in an informal proceeding This child should being with me, not his parents • Private Process Server Information and Study Guide • Reference to the exclusive ownership of a shared apartment.

Administration and accounting before the closure of an estate • Optional use: Confidential personal financial affidavit. c. An application for divorce or legal separation has been filed. Want to get away from it all and take a long vacation, but don`t know how to do it? Read lawyer ke Huang-Isherwood`s article “Getting a Visa to Visit Another Country” and start your plan today – Read More • Affidavit in support of requesting deferral or service waiver of litigation fees. AZTurboCourt was and is an electronic filing system approved by the Arizona Courts Administration Office. • Request for an ex parte income retention order hearing • Objection to the application for the appointment of a guardian and/or custodian of a home for adult or minor children • About us • Office information • Contact us • PinalCOSC2019. • The child`s parents are/are legally unable to work or • Parental consent to terminate the parental rights of a minor child • Affidavit to transfer real estate Application for change of parental leave and child support. © Response to the petition for the rights of third parties of grandparents. • Affidavit in support of the application to restrict public access A critical success factor for AZTurboCourt was the advanced training and customer service features.

Users can use the following links to access AZTurboCourt training tools. Including video training and manuals, sending help requests or accessing customer support modules for personalized support. Depositors who prefer to continue using AZTurboCourt do not need to undergo additional training and can use AZ TurboCourt in all active counties at no additional cost or time.

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