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Illegal Eviction Self-Help Response Kit (last updated: June 27, 2022): Our self-help kit is designed to help tenants represent themselves in the event of illegal detention. It has been updated to align with current state law and judicial council policies during the pandemic. For advice, please contact our legal advice line at (800) 551-5554. DFEH has the power to investigate complaints of discrimination in the areas of employment, housing, social housing and hate violence. 1515 Clay Street, Suite 701, Oakland (510) 622-2945 The California State Bar`s online legal guides provide access to several brochures and information resources on many legal topics. The Asian Law Alliance provides legal services and programs to low-income Islanders in Asia/Pacific in Asian/Pacific island languages. Provides legal advice and representation on a free or cost-effective basis and conducts in-depth public relations and preventive education on fundamental legal rights and obligations. Services and programs include housing, public services, employment, immigration, domestic violence and civil rights. 184 E. Jackson Street, San Jose (408) 287-9710 ALC is a legal and civil rights organization serving low-income American Asia-Pacific communities in the Bay Area. Areas of intervention include immigration, employment and labour, juvenile justice, language rights, housing and community development, and anti-Asian violence.

939 Market Street, Suite 201, San Francisco (415) 896-1701 The Oakland Rent Adjustment Program provides details on the requirements for landlords to increase rent and evict tenants. San Francisco Consumer Credit Counselling offers a variety of useful financial services and programs, including budgeting, debt management, housing, online general counseling, and bankruptcy services. Also offers an online training center on personal finance, as well as general tips on how to deal with the financial crisis. 595 Market Street, 15th Floor, San Francisco (800) 777-7526, provides legal information and resources to women living in or fleeing domestic violence or sexual assault. Publishes country-specific legal information for domestic violence and information on how to get help in your community, and provides email assistance to women and lawyers in the United States directly to Bay Area Legal Aid provides legal advice to low-income people in the Bay Area. They offer a weekly consumer rights clinic that provides legal information and next steps to help with complaints. Â WOMAN, Inc. Provides multilingual crisis counseling, legal advice, housing and other community referrals, peer support groups, and one-on-one therapy. 24-hour hotlines for victims of domestic violence: (415) 864-4722 or (877) 384-3578 333 Valencia St., Suite 450, San Francisco La Raza Centro Legal provides free legal assistance to low-income residents of Northern California in certain areas of pay and hourly rights, workplace discrimination, legal assistance for the elderly, immigration and naturalization. 474 Valencia St., Suite 295, San Francisco (415) 575-3500 Are you an Alameda County resident who currently has a housing-related legal issue? Call the Tenant`s Rights Line for free legal advice and references in all languages.

The Bay Area Legal Advice Line is a free legal helpline for qualified and low-income residents living in the Bay Area. The Legal Advice Line provides advice and guidance in all languages on a range of civil law matters. The local bar association offers recommendations to private lawyers who have been approved for their expertise in the area of law applicable to your situation. There is a $30 fee for the referral, and that includes a 30-minute telephone consultation with the recommended lawyer. No fees will be charged for cases related to bodily injury, medical malpractice, sexual harassment or workers` compensation. (510) 302-2222 The Disability Rights And Education Fund is a national disability rights organisation that provides legal advice in limited situations where a case may have a significant impact on disability rights policy. They also occasionally offer educational workshops on disability-related topics.2212 Sixth Street, Berkeley (510) 644-2555 An excellent overview of the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in California. The AIDS Legal Referral Panel serves people living with HIV or AIDS living in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano and Sonoma counties. Includes recommendations for free and cost-effective legal services and multiple online resources.

Call (415) 701-1100 for assistance with a specific legal question. Disability Rights California is a disability rights organization that supports people with disabilities throughout California with information, advocacy, and in some cases, individual representation. Bay Area Regional Office: 1330 Broadway, Suite 500, Oakland (510) 267-1200 The American Bankruptcy Institute`s Consumer Bankruptcy Center provides resources to the consumer bankrupt through its publications, conferences and web resources, as well as an online consumer education center to help them determine if bankruptcy is an appropriate choice for them and find a consumer bankrupt lawyer. provides basic legal information and resources for self-help to Californians in the areas of housing, public services and health, labor, immigration, elderly issues, Native American issues, families and children, protection from abuse, consumer law, small claims, civil rights, estate planning and the rights of persons with disabilities.

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