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Scott Pratt`s An Innocent Client is one of the best right-wing thrillers on the market. The author is known for his exciting and action-packed writing, and this book certainly books on this frontline. Acclaimed author Alafair Burke said of the book, “Pratt knows what he`s doing and it shows.” The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the best legal thriller books of all time. It`s a quick and edgy read that will captivate you from start to finish. Michael Connelly is a master of the legal thriller genre, and this book is one of his best. The story follows defense attorney Mickey Haller, who specializes in representing clients he knows are guilty. One for your readers, Monster is another race-focused legal novel with powerful writing. He is a 16-year-old man accused of serving as a guard during a murder in Harlem. Throughout the novel, and especially in the climaxing scenes in the courtroom, Box manages to cross the line between dark intensity and humor in this most unusual right-wing thriller. Emily`s ironic humor is omnipresent, but even in her boldest moments, The Girl in Cell 49B is still believable. A pretty fitting title for our time, Clean Hands is a summer 2020 publication about a New York law firm run by women. Clean Hands investigates what happens when a law firm`s digital files fall into the wrong hands. One of the most recent books of legal fiction.

Blood Defense is the story of Samantha Brinkman, a criminal defense attorney who wants to make a name for herself and enter the big leagues. When one of her clients is accused of murder, Samantha must test all her abilities to save him. The book is full of twists and turns, and Clark knows exactly how to baffle the reader. If you`re looking for a right-turned thriller, Blood Defense is the perfect choice. A disturbing read if you`re a parent, and an intense thriller, even if you`re not. This novel delves deep into what happens when your child is accused of murder. Definitely one of the best legal fiction books! Grisham is known for his talent for creating complex legal properties, and the client is no exception. Full of twists and turns, it`s an exciting ride from start to finish. Whether you`re a long-time fan or new to Grisham`s work, this is a book not to be missed. The story follows Joe Dillard, a criminal defense attorney, as he deals with the case of a mysterious girl accused of murder.

Dillard knows his client is innocent, but he also knows that the odds are against him. With the clock ticking, Dillard must compete with time to find the real killer before it`s too late. An Innocent Client is a right-wing thriller that leaves you perplexed until the end. If you are looking for a right-wing thriller that will keep you up all night, then this book is for you. Full of psychological suspense and deliciously imbued with fear, The Watching is a must for fans of legal thrillers. Set in a small Town in New Mexico in 1923, this New York Times bestseller dramatizes the conflict between border justice and the ethical demands of the modern courtroom. When Bryan Talbot was convicted of murdering his adulterous wife, Judge Ben Lewis, 29, had to serve the death penalty, despite his strong objections to the case. But a shocking turn of events will force Lewis to reckon not only with his duty to the law, but also with his own destiny. Author Stephen Becker counted fellow writers John Irving, Joe Haldeman, and Michael Chabon among his many admirers.

Carter, a professor at Yale Law School, fills every chapter with insider knowledge of the federal justice system and the rare world of New England`s black upper class, making The Emperor of Ocean Park one of the most insightful legal thrillers of the past 20 years. World No. 1 bestselling author James Patterson is back with a new thriller co-written with Nancy Allen – The Jailhouse Lawyer. Erva, Alabama, is a sleepy city where very few crimes seem to occur, other than misdemeanors. Fines and shoplifting are about as savage as the crimes in this small town. But if so, why is the prison so overcrowded? When lawyer and single mother Martha Foster tries to find out what`s going on in her city, she faces a corrupt judge. And can end up in prison himself. M.A. This is not the typical legal thriller, but rather contains segments of the legal drama.

But I recorded it here because James Patterson. well, James Patterson. The story follows Dani Trumball, a criminal defense attorney who decides to deal with the case of teenage Molly Singer, who was tried and convicted of murdering her parents. Dani`s interest is sparked by a series of anonymous letters proclaiming Molly`s innocence. The presumption of guilt is a page-turner that leaves you perplexed until the end. If you are looking for a right-wing thriller based on a true story, this book is for you. John Grisham`s The Firm is one of the best legal thrillers ever written. The author is known for his pivotal stories and believable characters, and The Firm is no exception. The story follows young lawyer Mitch McDeere, who begins working at a renowned law firm. However, he soon discovers that the company is involved in shady transactions.

With the help of his wife, Mitch decides to take action against the company and denounce their illegal activities. Marti Green`s novel Presumption of Guilt is one of the best legal thriller books you`ll ever read. Not only is it exciting and well written, but it`s also based on a true story. Green is a former lawyer, and she brings her legal expertise to the novel and gives readers an insight into the criminal justice system. Read the summary of my book and the legal review of A Time To Kill. Another about the sisters, No Further Questions, is based on the general detective novel, but has a legal focus. Perfect for those of you who usually read general detective novels and are in the mood for something new. Mickey Haller is a Los Angeles lawyer whose “office” is the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car.

He is also the half-brother of Michael Connelly`s other iconic creation: LapD detective harry Bosch. When Haller agrees to defend a wealthy broker accused of assault, he expects to amass a small fortune in billable hours. Instead, he encounters pure evil. To save the life of an innocent man, Haller must bend the law to its breaking point. Full of dark details, dark humor and high-stakes action, The Lincoln Lawyer announced that Connelly was the lead actor in the legal thriller game. But when he takes over the case of a rich man accused of attempted murder, Mickey begins to wonder if his client is really guilty. The stakes are high, and Mickey will have to use all his legal skills to get to the truth. If you`re looking for a right-wing thriller that will intrigue you to the end, The Lincoln Lawyer is a must-see. Every Reasonable Doubt is an American film directed by Pamela Samuels Young. The author is known for her engaging and fast writing, and this novel is no exception.

A mix of political and legal thriller, this story about U.S. Supreme Court politics seems to be ahead of its time. With complex characters and an inverted plot, Supreme Justice is a right-wing thriller that leaves you perplexed until the end. If you`re looking for a quick read that will entertain you from start to finish, look no further than Max Allan Collins` Supreme Justice. Angie Kim won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel for Miracle Creek, and with the slight edge of science fiction, I can understand why! Miracle Creek talks about an experimental medical device from Young and Pak Yoo. The legal part comes into play when something goes wrong and patients are killed. This deserves its place on a list of the best right-wing thriller books! A revolutionary, scary and wonderful right-wing thriller. Turow`s mastery of forensic drama is fully demonstrated in this novel, and he skillfully interweaves several stories to create a compelling and exciting story. In addition, the characters are richly drawn and fully believable, making Innocent one of the best right-wing thrillers of all time. Gillian McAllister is one of the best legal thriller writers out there.

His first novel No Further Questions was critically acclaimed for its tight plot and nuanced exploration of the legal system. McAllister is known for her attention to detail, and in No Further Questions, she uses her research very well. Looking for more of the best legal thrillers in literature? Check out this guide for authors like John Grisham. The story is a gripping story of fraud, murder and an incredible trial. Along the way, the reader gets a glimpse of the legal system and the novel culminates in a heartbreaking confrontation in the courtroom. If you`re looking for a legal thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Anatomy of a Murder is definitely worth a visit. In Your Defense is a non-fiction book, a kind of memoir, somehow no, of a British defender. Sarah Langford guides the reader through various cases she has worked on throughout her career.

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