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This book is supposed to be the only one that the student and professor of legal research and legal writing need. It is designed to give a clear explanation of basic information, exercises to give the student the necessary practice in research and writing, and examples of legal drafting documents. The text is user-friendly and readable, while balancing the need for detail. Each chapter only covers a manageable amount of material for someone who has not yet been in contact with the law. The objectives of the legal writing part of the book are to explain the basics of legal analysis and writing, to teach the student how to communicate clearly, and to explain how to eliminate mechanical errors. Tags: Legal Research, Legal Research and Writing, Legal Writing, Paralegal The objectives of the legal research part of the book are to teach the student how to competently conduct legal research in the legal library and on the computer, use the right citation form and understand the basics of legal research. A number of 193 PowerPoint slides are available at launch. You can click here to see a sample presentation. If you are a teacher using this book for a course, please contact Rachael Meier at to request your slides. Association of Legal Writing Directors, Carolyn V. Williams Danielle M. Shelton, Karen L.

Wallace, Melissa H. Weresh Comp Copy If you are a professor who teaches in this field, you can request a free copy. 10% off and free ground shipping in the U.S. for all orders over $50.

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