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Guide: Optimizing Your Online Content For Conversion

Up until a few years ago, most business only worried about website content and driving visitors to their website through SEO…

Now, marketers need to think about more than just content for websites, but also how to create and integrate content for all aspects of their online marketing strategy, including their blogs, videos, webcasts, webinars, and more.

This guide is designed to help bring you into the age of optimized content marketing. It includes simple tips that will show you how optimize your online content, so you can attract and convert visitors into credible leads and buying customers.

What You Will Learn:

For beginner to intermediate level marketers, this marketing guide will show you how to optimize your online content and turn viewers into customers.

You’ll learn:

  • The three common conversion goals that affect your bottom line
  • How to optimize your blog content for conversions
  • How to optimize your off-site content, including videos, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, and more
  • How to promote your content for conversions

And, you should also find some inspiration along the way.

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