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“There was a time when it was explicitly written by law that a license plate had to be read from left to right. There was even a time when it was said that a driver should have a toll transponder mounted on his motorcycle if he wanted a vertical license plate,” he said. Do you ride a custom motorcycle? Thanks to our intrepid guides in Sacramento, California, another law was passed this week that will immediately affect many motorcyclists, especially those of you who have a penchant for customizing your motorcycles. SB 1318 passed last year and amends California Vehicle Code Section 5201 effective January 1, 2011. Among other things, the law regulates how license plates must be displayed. “The law simply states that a driver is responsible for all tolls that are charged and must be paid for those tolls,” he said. “The obvious always applies, a license plate must be clearly visible. Too often on motorcycles we see that the license plate is hidden under the seat or folded to the side. These types of actions on your license plate would be illegal. Nevertheless, Montiero said the law is now simpler, so the license can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The Assembly`s notes for the bill called the change “mostly technical” and “uncontroversial.” But I found no real and documented justification or the need for change. I am not aware of any problems with the vertical mounting of a panel.

To my knowledge, such a stylistic choice has never caused a motorcycle accident (in Los Angeles, another part of California, or the rest of the world) or prevented a LEO from seeing, reading, or executing a record. To me, this sounds like another anti-biker law that northern politicians tacitly enacted. The new revised law provides (in the relevant part) that “license plates. can be mounted. so that the characters stand and are displayed from left to right. In other words, those of you who have vertically mounted license plates on your motorcycles are no longer complying with the law and are now at risk of getting a ticket. Rider Steve was asked by News 6 viewer Robert: “Is it illegal to turn your license plate vertically rather than horizontally on the back of a motorcycle?” Licence plates assigned to a motor vehicle, motorcycle, motorcycle, semi-trailer, trailer or semi-trailer or to persons registered as dealers or carriers of unladen vehicles must be affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle. The registration plate assigned to a moped, motorcycle, motorcycle, trailer or semi-trailer must be affixed to the rear of the vehicle. The plate assigned to a semi-trailer shall be attached to the front of the vehicle. Licence plates issued to registered car dealers and persons registered as empty vehicle carriers shall consist of a registration plate for each set issued and shall be affixed to the rear of the vehicle to which it is assigned. Let`s hope this doesn`t become another absurd reason for police harassment of our brothers and sisters (especially those of you who wear patches).

But you`ve heard me say before, and you`ll hear him say again: as a lawyer, I`m paid to be paranoid. This new law gives me just one other reason. Read this page to get decent information on what to do (or not do) when a police officer stops them. Trooper Steve points out that some of the changes to the wording of the law have added to the confusion. Steven Montiero, better known as “Trooper Steve,” joined News 6`s morning team in October 2017 as a road safety expert. Montiero, a decorated combat veteran from Central Florida, arrives at the station after an eight-year stint with the Florida Highway Patrol. Montiero admits it`s a somewhat difficult question. Thomas Mates is a digital storyteller for News 6 and He also produces the Florida Foodie podcast. Originally from northeast Pennsylvania, Thomas worked in Portland, Oregon before moving to central Florida in August 2018. He graduated from Temple University in 2010 with a degree in journalism.

“In recent years, this law has been completely revised,” Montiero said. “From the words inserted to the words removed from the statue, you have to dig a little deeper to find out if it`s okay.” [TRENDING: A Melbourne couple wants to change the way people come to Florida with new inventions | snacking radars? States receive infrastructure funds; DeSantis denounces | Become a News 6 insider (it`s free!)].

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