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Alan Shore: I can`t deny that it scared me, Denny. As illegal as her actions were, I would have been devastated if she had gone to jail. Denny Crane: It`s good for them to execute it, but if the government does it for them. It seems we don`t have any photos or quotes yet. Denny Crane: Yes, you are! You come with these studies – and something else about you democrats, you all believe in science! Denny Crane: Let you, the Liberals, develop research that says it`s okay to be for revenge and against the death penalty. Denny Crane: And yet, as justified as you say it was, tell me you`re still against the death penalty? Alan Shore: You should remember this little gem for your testimony. Be the first to contribute! Add a photo or quote. Alan Shore: It`s very similar to the death penalty and yet life sentence. The percentage of approved Tomatometer critics who gave this film a positive review Denny Crane: Would you defend me? Since I am a witness, I need a lawyer to defend me, would you defend me?.

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