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Find contact information for HUD beneficiaries. Experts such as Sabine Vogt are therefore in favour of banning groups of substances. This would make it possible to preventively ban all possible substances for the production of legal highs. Other countries, such as Austria, are already doing this. Upon request to the responsible health authority in Berlin, it was said that they wanted to wait for a common European directive. Until then, however, legal highs can continue to be purchased on the Internet without any problems. And after the CJEU ruling, now also completely legal. Leading AI-powered NDR solutions are automatic and dramatically improve security detections and operational efficiency of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) despite the fact that organizations and teams are plagued by a chronic shortage of cybersecurity expertise and personnel by offering complete natural language attack reconstructions that provide analysts with all the information they need. need to act quickly and completely on alerts. Keywords: 2-aminoindanes; 2C drugs; Cathinones; piperazines; Psychoactive compounds; Synthetic cannabinoids; “Legal highs”. Search for a specific beneficiary and view their scholarships, contact information, reports, etc. In addition, drugs are in no way legal, even if it is suggested to the user on the Internet. Basically, the mixtures violate the pharmaceutical law.

But this is not enough to punish producers. The Narcotic Control Act is more effective. According to this law, 28 common substances are already banned for legal highs. The problem: if manufacturers only change a tiny building block of a substance, a new substance has been created. This must then be thoroughly investigated, analysed and then banned if necessary. They are called “smoking mixtures” or “bath salts” and seem quite harmless. Their packaging looks young and optimistic, and their sale is apparently quite legal: the so-called “legal highs” – synthetic drugs in powder form that are snorted or smoked and can be easily ordered on the Internet. It is true that some substances contained in legal highs are prohibited under the Narcotic Control Act. However, manufacturers are constantly changing their mixtures, so new substances that are not yet prohibited by the Narcotic Control Act are constantly being created. Until a substance is banned under the BTM Act, it usually takes several months, as long as the mixtures are officially legal.

High-performance NDR solutions use advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to model adverse tactics, techniques and procedures that are mapped in the MITRE ATT&CK framework to detect attacker behavior with high accuracy. They provide security-related context, extract high-fidelity data, and correlate events over time, users, and applications to dramatically reduce the time and effort required for investigations. They also transfer security detections and threat correlations to Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions for comprehensive security assessments. They are called rum blends or bath salts and look quite harmless: the packaging looks young and trendy. But behind the façade hide so-called legal highs. Addictive drugs – and yet easy to buy on the Internet. Cybersecurity solutions for network discovery and response provide continuous visibility into all network-connected users, devices, and technologies, from the data center to the cloud, from campus users to home users` work, from IaaS to SaaS, and from printers to IoT devices. Search the recipient`s library of reports and plans, organized by program. In addition to detecting sophisticated attacks that operate discreetly and use evasive techniques, NDR solutions offer the ability to automatically respond to severe attacks via native controls and stop an attack in real time. In addition, they integrate with various cybersecurity products such as EDR or cybersecurity solutions such as SOAR. For example, exploits performed at a device`s BIOS level may undermine EDR, or malicious activity may simply not be reflected in logs. But their activity will be visible to network tools as soon as they interact with another system on the network.

Marco* has been using these synthetic synthetic drugs for years, repeatedly trying different varieties with names such as Rock Star, Jamaican Gold or Monkey 3D. He orders them from home, conveniently in the online store. In most cases, the goods are there the next day. Many legal mixtures look like herbs, they are visually modeled on real marijuana, but in fact, there are chemicals in the mixtures. And each bag can contain different substances. Police and prosecutors are struggling to continue selling the colorful bags and punish the people behind them. Until now, the only option has been to prohibit trade under the Drugs Act. But it`s over now. The European Court of Justice has ruled: legal highs can no longer be banned in Germany on the basis of the Medicines Act. The explanation: In the opinion of the CJEU, herbal mixtures are not medicines, because the substances must be “directly or indirectly” beneficial to health.

Panorama 3 had already reported on the danger of legal highs in March. Sabine Vogt, head of organized crime at the Federal Criminal Police Office, had warned during the next judgment of the European Court of Justice. Speaking to Panorama 3, she said: “Then we would have the situation in Germany where we fall into the void with our bags, although they can be very dangerous. This means that there is no prohibition, no criminal liability, no possibilities for law enforcement authorities to act. And I think we all know that prevention is one side, but we also need effective enforcement to remove the perpetrators from the market, who benefit from the fact that many young people are simply very gullible about what is on the Internet. Leading NDR solutions use behavioral analytics and ML/AI to directly model attacker behavior and detect advanced and persistent attacks with surgical accuracy. They avoid the deluge of low-fidelity and uninteresting alerts since they do not detect anomalies, but rather active attacks.

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