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The Louisiana State University New Orleans Legal Practice course is fully online and self-paced, meaning nurses can complete the course as quickly or slowly as they want. The 10-module course also counts as 100 CNE credits that nurses earn at the end of the course. At the end of the modules, nurses also receive a certificate of completion. Students also have the opportunity to complete a two-day preceptory, an active legal counsel show in New Orleans, Louisiana. The combination of price, exposure, flexibility, and CNE capabilities makes it a great option. At the University of Georgia, professors understand how difficult it can be for busy nurses to continue their education while advancing their careers. This comprehensive online program allows students to receive the same education as in the classroom while being able to learn at their own pace and at their own time. This program is part of the University of Georgia`s Center for Continuing Education – the special sector of the school to ensure that students can work full-time while acquiring their education. Participants are interviewed by a lawyer (CNL, counsel, risk manager, regulator, etc.) and prepare a 10-minute summary presentation per webinar for the class and instructor. Florida Atlantic University`s Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate is known as one of the best online legal nurse consultant programs in the South. The course prepares students to understand the fundamental concepts of legal nursing counseling. Students will learn the terminology of the process so they can fend for themselves in conversations with legal experts, and they will work to understand how a legal care advisor can work in different contexts. This certification course is taught entirely online by a member of Louisiana State University School of Nursing who has years of legal nursing experience working with law firms.

This means that students can ask questions and learn from someone who has been in the real world and understands the nuances that come with working with law firms. This program is self-directed and allows students to move around class in their free time. For nurses with unusual schedules, this can be the key to attending a training program and thriving at work. Are you a nurse looking to expand your practice? Nurse legal consultants provide assistance to a variety of professionals in law firms, government offices, and insurance companies. They analyze health care facts, issues and outcomes for the legal and health professions and serve as a link between the legal and health communities. The University of South Alabama Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate is one of the best legal nurse consultant programs. In this program, students learn to work with lawyers and health care organizations to provide legal advice in a variety of areas, including medical malpractice, workers` compensation, personal liability, etc. This comprehensive online program is ideal for nurses and physician assistants who want to work with healthcare organizations, law firms, insurance companies, and other organizations that could benefit from their advice and expert testimony. In addition to providing health professionals with a potential new career path, this program also offers 42 continuing education credits that can be used to meet licensing requirements. The UR School of Nursing: Washington Online Learning Institute`s Legal Nurse Consultant course, a fully online educational institution, offers two legal nurse consultant pathways: a four-month legal nurse consultant option or a seven-month senior legal nurse consultant option.

Most registered nurses choose the four-month pathway because this certificate prepares nurses to become legal nurses in all 50 states. Although WOLI is the least recognizable institution on this list, the incredibly low cost of this program makes it a great option for many registered nurses. This accredited program is taught by health and legal professionals who are committed to helping busy nurses succeed in their academic careers. This course provides registered nurses with 42 continuing education credits, making it a great way for nurses to receive the required training while opening up potential new career paths. SUNY Oswego students benefit from a 150-year-old academic institution with a long-standing reputation for excellence. The syllabus for this course is based on the text Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition, published by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. Students receive 42 hours of instruction and must take weekly quizzes on the information presented. In addition to the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, a number of other organizations also provide information about CNL`s role and/or nursing and legal issues: This online program is ideal for students who need a flexible schedule while working to advance their career options.

Students have the opportunity to explore countless course objectives and fully prepare to apply their knowledge in the courtroom. This self-paced program is perfect for busy students who need to complete their studies in their free time. California State University`s Long Beach Legal Nurse Advisor Training Course is entirely online, preventing nurses from moving to Southern California for seven weeks. However, the program is ideal for anyone interested in a career as a legal nurse consultant. The program requires nurses to pass multiple exams to earn the certificate, and CSU Long Beach estimates that the program lasts 42 hours, which is good for 4.2 hours of continuing education credits. Firmly rooted in clinical nursing practice, CNL applies the nursing process to assess relevant and complex information in legal matters.

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