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Middle English, from Latin resplendent-, resplendens, present participle of resplendÄre to shine back, from re- + splendÄre to more to splendid Resplendent has much in common with splendid (meaning “shining” or “shining”), splendid (“shining” or “shining”) and splendor (“brightness” or “shine”). Each of these luminous terms draws its brilliance from the Latin verb splendÄre (“to shine”). In the case of brilliance, the prefix splendÄre, which was added to splendÄre, formed the Latin resplendÄre, which means “to radiate backwards”. Splendent, splendor and splendor were first used in English in the 15th century, but splendid did not illuminate our language until more than 175 years later; Its first known use dates back to the early 1600s. The old electron contained one-fifth silver to gold, making a composite metal suitable and brighter for most applications such as gold. Francis Bacon, Natural History. Shiny brass and brighter checkers. Alexander Pope. glorious, glamorous, magnificent, magnificentThesaurus Adjective: All synonyms and antonyms of radiant Rich in goods, beautiful in location, radiating in all splendour.

William Camden, remains. Rē-splen′dent, adj. Very beautiful, brilliant: very bright: (she.) Emit rays. Resplen′dence, Resplen′dency, state of radiation. [L. resplendēre – re-, inten., splendēre, brilliance.] There he found everything in full row rich, with royal arras and splendid gold. Fairy queen. Each body is more magnificent and luminous in the light of its own color: cinnamon in a homogeneous light is the most radiant, in green light it is obviously less radiant, in blue light even less. Isaac Newton, Opticks. Empress of this beautiful world, radiant Eve! John Milton. The numerical value of resplendent in Chaldean numerology is: 4 Joshua Stamper`s 2006 Music Theme New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP Resplendent is a 2006© collection of English-language science fiction. It is the fourth and final book in Stephen Baxter`s Destiny`s Children series.

This book is a collection of short stories related to the previous three books, including new works and previously published stories, including the short stories Reality Dust and Riding the Rock and Mayflower II, an 88-page short story set in the Xeelee sequence that won the 2004 BSFA Award for Best Short Film; It was released in 2004. It contains the following stories: ⁕”Kadergeschwister”, Interzone 153, 2000-03. ⁕Reality Dust, 2000. ⁕”Silver Ghost”, Asimov`s, 2000-09. ⁕”On Orion`s Line”, Asimov`s, 2000-10. ⁕”In the Un-Black”, redshift, 2001. ⁕”The Ghost Pit”, Asimov`s, 2001-07. ⁕”The Cold Sink”, Asimov`s, 2001-08. ⁕”Breeding Ground”, Asimov`s, 2003-02. ⁕”The Great Game”, Asimov`s, 2003-03.

⁕”The Chop Line”, Asimov`s, 2003-12. ⁕”Le moule du rêve”, Interzone 179, 2002-05. ⁕”Agglomeration 2473″, Vivre sans net, 2003-08. ⁕”All in a Blaze”, Stars: Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian, 2003. ⁕Riding the Rock, 2002-11. ⁕”Lakes of Light”, constellations, 2005. ⁕”Entre les mondes”, Entre les mondes, September 2004. ⁕Mayflower II, 2004-08. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! “A glorious spring morning”; “a beautiful sunset”; “sumptuous costumes”; “a kind of magnificent native simplicity” Etymology: [L.

resplendens, -entis, p. pr. of brilliant resplendere; pref. re- re- + splendere to shine. See Splendid.]. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English. Robert Morley sat with Wilfred Hyde White and watched Queen Elizabeth`s coronation parade. In an open carriage, the very great Queen Salote of Tonga approached. Radiant in a floral dress and ignoring the rain.

“Who do you think is next to Queen Salote?” asked Wilfred, watching his program. Robert glanced at the little Tongan ambassador with a top hat and a tailcoat and suggested, “Maybe their lunch.” Foolishness, you overcome, and I must give Against stupidity, the gods themselves fight in vain. Sublime reason, Radiant daughter of the divine head, wise founder of the system of the world, leader of the stars, that you are when you, attached to the tail of the unbridled steed of madness, you must, howling in vain, with the drunken crowd, open your eyes, fall headlong into the abyss.

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