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Legal encyclopedias: Legal encyclopedias provide insight into specific areas of Australian law, including references to relevant cases and legislation. This section provides a step-by-step guide for searching Australia`s two major legal encyclopedias. Dictionaries: For any legal research, you need to understand legal terminology. This may include searching for the legal definition of words commonly used in the English language. This section contains information about the most useful legal dictionaries. Localization of journal articles: The Deakin Library provides access to a large number of high-quality databases for law journals. Start in this section for instructions on choosing your search terms using the search scheduler. This section also provides step-by-step instructions for searching for subscriptions in the following legal databases: n. 1) Second-hand evidence in which the witness does not tell what he personally knows, but what others have told him. (2) A common objection of opposing counsel to the testimony where it appears that the witness has violated the hearsay rule. 3) Scuttlebutt or gossip.

Condition: Good. Article in good condition and has emphasis/font on the text. The texts used must not contain additional elements such as CDs, Info-Tracs, etc. Connected. Condition: Very good +. Seventh edition. xxiii + 1738 pages. Photos on request. Size: 8vo – over 73/4″ – 93/4″ in height. Pamphlet. Condition: Acceptable.

The item is very worn, but still works perfectly. Signs of wear can include cosmetic problems such as scratches, dents, and worn corners. All sides and lid are intact, but the dust cover may be missing. Pages can contain a moderate to high number of notes and highlights, but the text is not hidden or illegible. Must NOT contain additional discs, access codes or other documents. Connected. Condition: Almost good condition. NO library available (Illustrator).

Deluxe Special Fifth Edition. St. Paul, Minnesota: West Publishing Co., 1979. Deluxe Special Fifth Edition. THUMB INDICATED. Beautifully bound in black leatherette (imitation leather), richly gilded. PHOTOS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. 1979. Fifth revised edition. Sharp angles. The hinges are perfect.

DO NOT throw away a library. Name of the former owner on two pages and gift notes from several people (classmates?) on the free guard paper. All other pages are clean, clean and unmarked. NO underlining. NO emphasis. NO cover notes. Also includes “Latin Pronunciation”, “Transcription”, “Guide to Pronunciation Symbols”, “Table of Abbreviations”, etc. Oversized hardcover. 7.75″ wide, 10″ high and 2.25″ thick.

This very large and very heavy book [5 pounds 9 ounces before packaging] requires significant additional postage for priority and international shipments. For media mail, however, you only pay our standard fees. Bound in the original black imitation leather (imitation leather), embossed with light gold. Deluxe Special Fifth Edition. Oversized hardcover. Close to good condition / No jacket as delivered. Fig. by NO library layout. XIV, 1,511 pages. Excellent packaging, fast shipping. Soft cover.

Photo available on request. (Illustrator). Reprint. Photo available on request. i Important reference work. Very rarely in this state. Thin copy (slight fold on the front). 796 pages. Pamphlet. Condition: Good.

4. Shipped within 24 hours. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. APO/FPO addresses are supported. Condition: Good. The cover shows wear with possible depressions, wrinkles and small cracks. Soft cover. Seventh edition. Important reference work. Almost fine copy (very light wear of the shelves). 1323 paperbacks.

Condition: Very good. Open Books is a non-profit social enterprise that provides literacy experiences to thousands of readers each year through inspiring programs and creative book capitalization. Connected. Condition: Good. 9th edition -beautiful neat copy -gold plated titles -heavy book inspection postage with us. Pamphlet. Condition: Very good. Slight wear of edges and corners. 1114+pp. Black, Henry Campbell, Joseph R. Nolan; Paperback M.

J. Connolly. Condition: Very good. No jacket. Can only be written on cover pages to a limited extent. Pages are not selected. ~ ThriftBooks: Read more, spend less. Condition: Acceptable. Get fast and secure shipping knowing that your purchase will help our community change their lives through work. Pamphlet. Condition: VERY GOOD.

Slight wear by friction on the coating, spine and side edges. Very minimal font or notation in margins that do not affect the text. Possibility to clean an ex-library copy with their stickers and / or stamps. Connected. Condition: Fair. No jacket. Readable copy. Pages may have important notes/highlights. ~ ThriftBooks: Read more, spend less.

Condition: Good. Fast shipping – Bubble Mailer safe and secure!. Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. Sources of information: This section contains a collection of news and media resources. This term is used for hearsay evidence that a person learned from another person and did not see or hear each other. Condition: Good. Old library book; Can contain library markers. Used book that is owned, average condition with no missing pages. Published by West Publishing Co., St. Paul, Minnesota, 1979 paperback. Condition: Very good. 3rd edition.

Soft cover. Illustrated covers with white lettering. Undated title page. Copyright page from 2006. 810 pages. The covers are clean and shiny; There is a small depression on the cover, but they are not marked otherwise. Curves a little bumpy. SIGNED on the front page of Editor-in-Chief Bryan A. Garner. The sides are lightweight, free of stains or cracks.

The attachment is strong. Signed by author(s). Black, Henry Campbell; Nolan, Joseph R.; Nolan-Haley, Jacqueline M.; West Publishing Company Publié par Western New York Institution for Deaf Stumes, publié en 1991 par Thomson Reuters. West Pub., St. Paul., 2000.

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