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Aternity achieves vision of closed-loop marketing with Pinpointe b2b email marketing


  • Enterprise Software


  • Need email marketing system to ‘front-end’ Eloqua (marketing automation) and
  • Send & track 200k emails /mo to lesser-qualified prospects.
  • Required closed loop analysis to track and demonstrate results.


  • Use Pinpointe to cast a broad net to prospects and ‘amplify the marketing message.’
  • Only qualified prospects are moved to the Eloqua + lead funnel for nurturing. This is more efficient.
  • Pinpointe campaign reporting helps Aternity to quantify marketing campaign effectiveness.


  • With Pinpointe + Eloqua together, qualified lead funnel increased 20% ~ 25% each quarter.
  • Achieved closed loop marketing / campaign analysis.
  • More efficient use of Eloqua – only nurturing pre-qualified prospects. Keeps the sales funnel ‘clean.’

“Pinpointe provides us with an innovative solution that helps us creatively and consistently reach our target audience – while rising above the clutter and noise within a very competitive industry.

With Pinpointe, we are able to further complete our vision for closed loop marketing while continually pushing the envelope to reach our prospects with meaningful content that delivers value to their business.”

Donna Parent
VP Marketing

About the Customer

Aternity, an Intel Capital portfolio company, and Gartner Cool Vendor, redefines end user experience management by providing the industry’s first patented Frontline Performance Intelligence platform designed to dramatically reduce business disruptions and significantly increase end user productivity. With Aternity, Global 1000 enterprises benefit from proactive IT management through self-learning, preemptive problem detection, and right-time decision support. By uniquely transforming every desktop – real or virtual – into a self-monitoring platform that is user-experience aware, the Aternity FPI Platform arms IT and business executives with the empirical evidence on how application performance and usage impacts business results. With Aternity’s 360 degree view of end user experience, advanced analytics for preemptive problem detection and cause analysis, and right-time decision support capabilities, enterprises have the empirical evidence on how application performance and usage impacts business results, providing them with a path for constant improvement.

The Challenges

As Aternity’s marketing grew, so did their prospecting database. Aternity relies heavily on events and webinars (using Citrix GoToWebinar™) to reach and fill the sales funnel with qualified prospects, so they needed an efficient email system to publicize their online events. The company already had in place SFA ( and a marketing automation system (Eloqua) and required:

  • An easy-to-use, flexible and scalable email marketing solution that would help them to create, send and track responses for subsets of email marketing campaigns.
  • Ability to reach opt-in prospects collected at trade-shows, partner events and through co-registration programs.
  • A solution that could grow from their initial needs of sending 25K nurturing emails a month to lesser qualified leads, to over 200K as their marketing and sales needs increased exponentially.
  • The email marketing solution had to fit with Aternity’s closed-loop marketing objectives to track and analyze marketing program efficiency. It was important to Aternity to be able to send and track highly personalized and targeted emails on behalf of the sales and business development teams.

Pinpointe Solution

Aternity has been using Pinpointe to supplement their business email marketing for 18 months. During this period, Pinpointe provided Aternity with the following benefits:

  • A cost efficient approach to enhance the sales pipeline. Prospects who respond to any number of Aternity’ nurturing campaigns are moved into Eloqua’s marketing automation solution, to be further nurtured to become “Sales-ready” candidates.
  • The ability to create fully personalized and distributed emails on behalf of individual sales team members to prospects, to efficiently fill the sales funnel in an automated fashion.
  • The ability to reach new permission-based prospects that they cannot reach with other email service providers and deliver very low bounce rates.
  • Pinpointe’s easy to use interface is simple and fast. All email efforts – creating email campaigns, sending and tracking campaigns and analyzing results, all handled easily.
  • Enhanced visibility into email campaign results that allow Aternity to measure the ROI for their email marketing spend.
  • A technical support team at Pinpointe that provides rapid response and resolutions to Aternity’s technical questions when they arise.

Results and The Future

Quarter-over-quarter, Aternity’s marketing organization has been able to increase its inbound lead flow by 20 – 25%, in part due to the extensive campaigns that are executed on a regular basis through Pinpointe’s email marketing system.

Aternity can now reach more prospects through Pinpointe. The Aternity sales and marketing teams often collect qualified business prospects who request additional information at industry events (trade shows) and through various co-registration and lead generation programs. These contacts have explicitly opted in to receive communications from Aternity however, since the opt-in is not collected electronically, most email service providers did not permit Aternity to send email to these contacts. Since Pinpointe focuses on B2B email, Aternity has been able to reach these prospects and receives and excellent response with very low bounce rates, opt-out rates and complaint rates.

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