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RCM Increases Event Attendance with Pinpointe

RCM increases event attendance by 80% with Pinpointe’s business class email marketing and grows opt-in subscriber list by 5% each month


  • Information Technology


  • Import 7,000+ permission-based email addresses
  • Create highly targeted segments by location and other profiling criteria
  • Easily create and send professional-looking email campaigns to targeted prospects


  • Effortlessly uploaded 7,000+ permission-based email addresses
  • Created list segments by location and other profiling criteria
  • Designed and sent a series of targeted emails to list segments


  • Reached and influenced an increased number of decision makers
  • Positioned RCM in the marketplace ahead of the competition
  • Launched RCM’s services and products for a minimal cost
  • Increased website traffic


  • Effortlessly increased RCM’s database from just under 3,000 email contacts to over 10,000
  • 80% increase in both RCM’s on-line and in-person events
  • 3-5% month-over-month opt-in growth of email subscribe list

“In our industry, we need an email marketing solution that addresses the challenges of business class marketing. Pinpointe understands this need and provides an easy, effective and affordable means of reaching a greater number of business decision makers through professional looking email campaigns.”

Marketing Manager
RCM Technologies

About RCM Technologies

Since 1971, RCM Technologies has helped organizations leverage innovative technology solutions to optimize business performance, attract new business opportunities, and drive greater market share. Looking to expand their enterprise business offerings, RCM acquired a company that extended their geographic footprint and expanded their ability to serve their clients. The acquired company also had a marketing department that maintained an established permission-based marketing database of over 7,000 email contacts – a list that had been generated over several years through events, trade-shows and client relationships.

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The Challenges

Challenge 1:
Import 7,000+ opt-in email addresses to their current Pinpointe account.
Prior to the acquisition, RCM had been using Pinpointe to send out their email marketing campaigns. As a satisfied customer, they wanted to keep Pinpointe and import the 7,000+ contacts from the acquired company’s marketing department, to their current account. The list RCM needed to import had been generated over several years, through client relationships and networking and industry events. Though all the contact information was permission-based, opt-in verification had not been not collected electronically. Therefore, RCM needed a solution that addressed this issue and focused on the different challenges of information gathering within business class companies.

Challenge 2:
Create organized lists and segments by location and other profiling criteria.
RCM wanted the email contacts within their Pinpointe account segmented by specific profiling criteria. Not only did they need to segment their previous contacts from the newly acquired ones, but they also sought to create segments and lists by location and other profiling data, so they could easily send relevant location-specific emails and get the best response rates.

Challenge 3:
Inform prospects of the business acquisition and newly expanded service offerings and have an effective means to continue to market their service offerings and events.
RCM needed to get the word out about the acquisition to both their database contacts and those of the company they acquired. They sought to do this in a series of targeted emails and subsequently continue to send out email campaigns, which marketed their events and service offerings.

The Pinpointe Solution

Most email service providers require electronic opt-in verification of recipients on an email marketing list. Understanding that a significant amount of business class prospecting is done through networking and industry events, Pinpointe doesn’t require customers who are importing their preliminary list of opt-in contacts to send an initial campaign requesting that contacts ‘re-opt in’ to their lists before campaigns can be sent. Customers can import permission-based, opt-in contacts into their account if they were obtained from valid company events and/or co-registration and lead generation programs. Therefore, with just a few clicks RCM was able to utilize Pinpointe’s List Wizard, and within a matter of minutes they had uploaded a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file of all 7,000+ newly acquired opt-in contacts. Each field in the CSV spreadsheet was effortlessly mapped and loaded, while Pinpointe’s system removed and/or fixed duplications, errors, typos and incorrectly formatted data.

Once all the contacts were accurately loaded in to the Pinpointe system, RCM created targeted email segments and organized lists by location and other defining data within selected fields. After the segments and lists were set up, RCM was able to send email campaigns to targeted groups. For an example, RCM sent an email notification about the acquisition to the segment of newly acquired emails. The email campaign was branded and sent under the acquired company’s name, sent on behalf of a person’s name recognized by the recipients, and informed them that they would now be receiving emails from RCM. It also included the option to opt out to from emails sent from RCM.

Recipients on RCM’s previous contact list received a different email campaign regarding the acquisition, which focused more on RCM’s newly extended offerings and upcoming events.

The Benefits

After an effortless data import, RCM increased their database from just under 3,000 email contacts to over 10,000 prospects. They now had a sizable nation-wide database of contacts, segmented and broken down into targeted email lists. This allowed them to aggressively market their services and events to prospects using professional-looking, spam-compliant email campaigns.

The email campaigns RCM sent through Pinpointe:

  • Reached and influenced a greater numbers decision makers, prompting them to attend RCM-led events, which in turn generated sales leads
  • Positioned RCM in the marketplace ahead of the competition and kept RCM top-of mind
  • Gave RCM a means to launch their services and products for a minimal cost
  • Drove prospects to the RCM web site
  • Allowed access to a greater number of potential clients
  • Made instant, on-click responses simple and actionable

The Results

With the combination of Pinpointe’s extensive B2B email system feature offerings and RCM’s aggressive email marketing strategy, RCM was able to target and deliver professional looking email campaigns to a multitude of prospects and then move them into their sales cycle. Within six months of importing the additional database contacts into their Pinpointe account, RCM had an 80% attendance increase in both their on-line and in-person events. Their email marketing subscribe list also experienced a 3-5% month-over-month opt-in growth.

By utilizing the many features available from Pinpointe, RCM was able to create, test and deliver professional B2B email campaigns that produced real results and received minimal bounce and opt-out rates.

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