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Recursion Software Increases Lead Quality

Recursion Software increases sales lead quality with Pinpointe’s automated email marketing system


  • Information Technology/Software


  • Increase product awareness
  • Generate, track and nurture leads
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Provide sales support


  • Implementation of a series of targeted email campaigns to prospects
  • Lead qualification through campaign statistics drill-down


  • More quality leads and opportunities
  • Reduced marketing effort
  • Good value for the cost
  • Scalable pricing structure
  • Detailed results tracking


  • Over 70 quality prospects in first 3 months.

“Pinpointe is easy to use and gives useful data after sending out the e-mails. It truly has become an integral part of our marketing program.”

Kushal Ibrahim
Marketing Manager
Recursion Software

About the Customer

Founded in 2001, Recursion Software is a leader in distributed computing, mobile agents, middleware, and mobile device computing, with over 80 patents and applications. They apply their deep technical heritage to accelerate development and deployment of mission critical mobile applications.

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The Challenges

Like many companies, Recursion Software was experiencing challenges in ensuring that prospects in their opt-in database were qualified and ‘warmed up’ prior to being passed on to their sales team. Factors such as lengthening sales cycles and expanding buying committees were making traditional tactics less effective in creating demand for Recursion’s products.

Recursion needed a way to cost effectively engage prospects and provide product information that incrementally ‘educated’ prospects about the benefits of Recursion’s products. Once this information was delivered, Recursion needed to track the results and then turn the more promising leads over to the sales team to close business.

After examining their marketing approach, Recursion decided to utilize email marketing as a key component to:

  • Increase product awareness
  • Generate greater demand
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Enable and support their sales team

The Pinpointe Solution

After researching many popular email marketing vendors in the market, Recursion found Pinpointe to be the best value for their money. With Pinpointe’s extensive Email Template Library, Recursion was able to quickly and easily kick off the email marketing component of their go-to-market marketing strategy and create effective product-centric email campaigns.

Prior to sending each email campaign, Recursion took advantage of Pinpointe’s Email Campaign Previewer tool, which displayed a preview of each email campaign as it would appear in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, and listed any limitations and HTML fix recommendations for each email system.

To ensure a high deliverability rate, Recursion also used Pinpointe’s Online Email SPAM Checker – a tool that allows you to instantly check your email campaigns for SPAM issues with a single click.

After each email campaign was sent, Recursion’s marketing team accessed the campaign results and statistics to know exactly how many people opened their email; how many unsubscribed; which links were clicked; and how many recipients forwarded the email campaign. To elaborate on this information, they used Pinpointe’s Campaign Statistics Drill-Down capabilities to vet out and pre-qualify leads based on predetermined factors. Once this was done, lead reports were exported, printed and handed to Recursion’s sales team.

The Benefits

Pinpointe’s on-demand email marketing system has enabled Recursion Software to easily penetrate the market with custom email marketing campaigns; this has resulted in more quality leads and opportunities.

By using Pinpointe’s wide-ranging email marketing features and tool, Recursion was able to analyze their email campaign results with minimal marketing effort and nurture and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team.

Another benefit for Recursion is Pinpointe’s affordable pricing structure, which provides good value for the cost. The price per each quality lead has been dramatically reduced when compared to other marketing tactics used by Recursion. The company also likes Pinpointe’s scalable pricing structure because it works with their growing business model.

The Results

Pinpointe, with its extensive B2B email system, has become the most reliable and consistently used lead generation and tracking mechanism for Recursion Software. Using Pinpointe has resulted in over 70 solid qualified leads for Recursion to date.

With such great measurable results, Recursion also plans to start using the email surveys offered though Pinpointe.

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