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SeeWhy Increases Brand, Educates Prospects

SEEWHY successfully increases brand awareness and educates prospects/ customers with Pinpointe


  • Information Technology/Retail


  • Grow and retain subscribers
  • Nurture sales leads
  • Educate prospects
  • Improve deliverability


  • Create, send and track professional looking email campaigns that reach their audience
  • Able to easily import designs created in DreamWeaver
  • Send a high volume of emails each month
  • Optimal rendering across the wide range of email clients
  • Reliable support and marketing advice


  • Helps build customer loyalty
  • Nurtures a high percentage of sales leads
  • Low overall unsubscribe rate
  • Increased interest in SeeWhy’s cart abandonment offering


  • Helped to increase qualified sales opportunities

“Pinpointe is a powerful, flexible and easy to use email marketing system.

Pinpointe’s team has been supportive and has helped us maximize our email marketing investment.”

Lou McMenamy
VP of Sales

The Customer

SeeWhy is the market leader for email-based shopping cart re-targeting and creates a breakthrough in website conversion for many of the world’s largest and best-known brands. They help e-commerce merchants reach out to website visitors who abandon their online purchases or forms, as soon as they abandon.

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The Challenges

Due to its versatility, low cost and high Return on Investment (ROI), SeeWhy has used email marketing as a primary marketing channel for a number of years. SeeWhy started researching email marketing vendors and decided to try Pinpointe.

Along with increasing the email campaign deliverability rates to their opt-in subscribers and customers, SeeWhy also needed to address several other of their email marketing challenges including:

  • Lead Nurturing: Help ‘nurture’ leads through the sales cycle by establishing and maintaining customer relationships. SeeWhy relies heavily on their highly educational webinars, and uses email marketing to manage invites and follow-ups to their opt-in contacts.
  • Grow and Retain Subscribers: Create a positive response to SeeWhy’s email communication and build a base of loyal customers, especially from companies with whom they have an established relationship with.
  • Prospect Education: Continue to inform customers and prospects of new products, events, and special offers or promotions.

The Pinpointe Solution

For three years, SeeWhy has used Pinpointe to deliver high-value, educational content to their prospects and customers. Pinpointe’s easy to use email marketing solution provides SeeWhy with a platform to quickly create professional-looking email campaigns that reach their audience. SeeWhy designs great-looking campaigns in Pinpointe’s email campaign editor and sends a significant quantity of emails each month, including e-newsletters, webinar invitations, and post-event follow-up campaigns. Used as a key part of their sales process, SeeWhy’s email marketing campaigns manage the full process of their events – from informing opt-in contacts and partners about upcoming webinars, to reminders and follow-up.

For optimal rendering across a multitude of email clients, including mobile clients, SeeWhy began using Pinpointe’s new inbox preview tool to fine-tune their email designs. The previewer also recommends HTML fixes for each email system so they can correct any issues that could cause an email to display improperly and reduce response rates.

To further improve deliverability, SeeWhy also takes advantage of Pinpoint’s SPAM Score Checker, which automatically analyzes each campaign using the widely deployed ‘spamassassin’ engine. This not only ensures a reduction in blocked emails, but also gives SeeWhy a gauge of deliverability probability based on their spam score. Campaigns that have a SPAM score rating above 5 are likely to see 5% – 10% of their emails result in a ‘Blocked Due to Content.’

By using the inbox preview and spam checker together, SeeWhy has already improved campaign responses by nearly 12%.

The Benefits

Through creative email marketing campaigns, SeeWhy’s email communications have helped build customer loyalty that continues to provide a channel to nurture all sales leads. From event notification and post event follow-up to drip marketing campaigns, Pinpointe has proven to be a valuable marketing vehicle for building customer loyalty and has generated new and continued business.

Overall, the Pinpointe solution provides an inexpensive means to produce and deliver effective communications that reach more people, more often. The design and deliverability tools Pinpointe provide enable SeeWhy to maximize their email marketing and get a high value for cost. With a low unsubscribe rate, SeeWhy’s email campaigns have been welcomed by their subscribers and have increased visibility and interest in the market.

The Results

Backed by exceptional technical support, Pinpointe’s feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing software has helped deliver SeeWhy superior marketing results. Advanced features available through Pinpointe, such as SPAM score checker, drip marketing, and inbox previewer have improved SeeWhy’s ability to nurture and deliver quality sales leads. Using Pinpointe has ultimately helped to increase qualified sales opportunities.

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