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Trillium Teamologies Increases Revenues with Pinpointe

Trillium Teamologies uses Pinpointe email marketing services to increase sales revenue


  • Information Technology


  • Needed a system to send out post-event prospect follow up, along with other email campaigns
  • Wanted an system that allowed for database growth
  • Needed a system that provided an easy toolset to build and upload email templates


  • Created custom email campaigns
  • Personalized email with individualized salutations
  • Sent emails ‘On Behalf Of’ TTI key staff members


  • Reached and influenced an increased number of decision makers
  • Positioned RCM in the marketplace ahead of the competition
  • Launched RCM’s services and products for a minimal cost
  • Increased website traffic


  • Increase in sales revenue
  • Increased deliverability of post-event follow-up messages
  • 3% month-over-month growth in their opt-in subscriber list
  • Flexibility of importing and uploading images and files through multiple channels
  • Reached and influenced a increased number of prospects

“I was amazed at how easy-to-use Pinpointe was. Designing custom branded emails was a breeze…from changing and adding images, to modifying background colors, fonts and font sizes…it was all so simple. I recommend Pinpointe to anyone who needs a great email marketing solution.”

Eryn Branham
Marketing Director
Trillium Teamologies

About Trillium Teamologies, Inc.

Since 1996, Trillium Teamologies, Inc. (TTI) has been a high-integrity technology and creative solutions company dedicated to delivering the best of breed technology-based solutions that support businesses throughout Michigan.

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The Challenges

After attending numerous tradeshows and other industry-based events, TTI realized that it lacked an efficient way to follow up with potential clients that they came in contact with at each event. After each tradeshow or event, the sales team would contact prospects on a one-by one basis through their Outlook email accounts. This was a time-consuming process that yielded a low response rate. Using this method, there was also no way of knowing who opened up the sent emails unless there was a direct response from the prospect.

In addition, TTI needed a system that would allow them to exponentially grow their database of names and easily reach both their new and old contacts each month through creative email marketing campaigns, including a monthly e-newsletter program. With a graphic designer on their staff, TTI wanted the freedom to place their own images into ready-made templates, along with the capability to upload custom HTML files that could be edited once uploaded.

The Pinpointe Solution

After setting up a Pinpointe account, TTI uploaded their permission-based database of email addresses and instantly started using the many features Pinpointe’s email marketing system has to offer.

Pinpointe’s easy-to-use HTML Email Editor allowed TTI to import email campaign content multiple ways:

  • Using the editor
  • Upload files
  • Import files/images from a website

For post-event follow-ups, TTI created custom email campaigns that reintroduced TTI and reminded prospects of their offerings and services. Utilizing Pinpointe’s Email Personalization Tool, TTI sent these email campaigns out with individualized salutations for each recipient.

In addition, the TTI marketing department sent these emails out ‘On Behalf Of’ the salesperson that spoke with each prospect, another beneficial feature available through Pinpointe.

In an effort to notify their prospects—both old and new— of current industry happenings, programs, offerings, events, etc., TTI started sending out a monthly e-newsletter campaign. The e-newsletters are composed of custom images created by TTI’s graphic designer, which are placed into a ready-made template available though Pinpointe’s Email Template Library. Pinpointe’s unlimited image hosting makes it very simple to upload and store all of TTI’s campaign images into one place.

After creating each campaign, TTI then uses Email Campaign Previewer to check both the appearance and deliverability of their email campaigns to ensure that each campaign is viewing properly when received by recipients.

The Benefits

TTI now has the tools to design professional-looking email campaigns with very minimal effort. TTI simply uploads their own logo, images and color schemes and tweaks the fonts and styles to design company-branded email campaigns that their prospects instantly recognize. They are also able to easily send follow-up email campaigns to tradeshow and event prospects that reinforce their message with an email marketing touch. Countless hours have been saved for salespeople through the ability to send personalized, post-event follow-up email campaigns.

With the help of Pinpointe’s countless features, TTI was able to build an e-newsletter program that continues to have significant success. Their database of email prospects steadily increases, and subscribers have not only grown to expect their monthly e-newsletter of information, but they also find it a source of valuable industry-related material.

The Results

Since using Pinpointe’s email marketing service, TTI has seen an overall revenue increase of 4% over a six month period, which can be directly related to their email marketing efforts. Not only has their email marketing helped them grow their revenue, but it has helped TTI increase its deliverability of post-event follow-up and more messages reach the in box.

In addition, TTI has experienced great success with their e-newsletter program and continues to see a 3% month-over-month growth in their opt-in subscriber list. The e-newsletter program increases brand visibility within the market and enables TTI to pass on industry-based information, current offerings, specials, and event invites to their subscribers. With TTI top of mind, prospects continue to turn to them when they need a technology-based business solution. The result…more opportunities and more closed business.

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