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Troy Group Increases Sales Effectiveness with Pinpointe

Troy Group increases sales leads by 22% and activates old leads with the help of Pinpointe’s email marketing


  • Business Solutions — On-Demand Printing


  • Inform customers about new products
  • Acquire new customers
  • Maximize customer retention
  • Grow the number of warm leads produced from tradeshow visitors
  • Increase email deliverability rates
  • Define qualified sales leads


  • Create custom emails
  • Minimize bounce rates with SPAM checker
  • Increase email deliverability with email campaign previewer
  • Gather accurate reports from each campaign sent that provide specific details


  • Improved market visibility
  • Easily track email campaigns
  • Get out email campaigns out on time and on target
  • Limit ‘Blocked Due to Content’ results
  • Ability to gather lead information and pass it on to sales


  • 22% increase of credible leads
  • Reactivation of numerous past customers
  • Increased opens, clicks, and conversions

“I’d recommend Pinpointe to a company of any size. Their service is scalable, easy to use, and provides all the analytics needed to develop and improve professional looking e-mail marketing campaigns.”

Nathan Holstein
Direct Marketing Specialist
TROY Group

About the Customer

TROY Group, Inc. is a worldwide leader of secure on-demand printing solutions. TROY MICR printers and MICR toner offer industry-leading performance and best-in-class fraud deterrence. Widely used by banks, accounting firms and other companies in the financial sector to prepare on-demand checks, TROY secure printing solutions cut operating costs, reduce risk of check fraud and improve customer service.

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The Challenges

TROY Group had already started using an email marketing program, but wasn’t satisfied with the features, delivery rates or customer feedback. The information they received on metrics, such as bounced emails, invalid addresses or forwarded emails, was insufficient and an increasing number of their customers had unsubscribed from their email communications.

On a recommendation from a peer, TROY Group checked out Pinpointe and opened a free trial account with them. They were immediately impressed with Pinpointe’s reporting and tracking capabilities and upgraded their account after sending out their first email campaign. With a reliable email marketing system now in place, TROY Group wanted to address some of their other marketing challenges.

With a large list of accumulated permission-based customer emails, TROY Group wanted to fully reap the benefits of email marketing and be able to better define their email-driven sales leads. In doing so, the company needed to train their people on how to create deliverable email campaigns, maintain customers by providing a flow of product-centric information via email, and maximize the number of warm leads produced from their tradeshow visitors.

The Pinpointe Solution

With Pinpointe’s robust features, advanced automation and targeting capabilities, TROY Group now had the tools they need to easily create email campaigns that get delivered.

Creating Custom Emails

After choosing a layout from Pinpointe’s Email Template Library, TROY Group customizes each email campaign with their own logo, text and color scheme to match their branding guidelines. They include pictures of their products by simply uploading images into Pinpointe and linking them in their campaign. Even for those employees at TROY Group who did not have any HTML experience, building an email campaign in Pinpointe proved to be very easy and straightforward.

Spam Check and Scoring

Once a campaign is completed, TROY Group takes full advantage of Pinpointe’s integrated SPAM Checking and Scoring feature, which runs their message through a Spamassasin engine and calculates an email SPAM score based on several factors – wording, phrases, HTML coding, links and tags. The feature then generates a real-time score and summary, along with detailed recommendations as to what areas of the email should be corrected. Using these suggestions, TROY Group is able to tweak their message to ensure a minimal bounce rate.

Deliverability Check

Once their email campaign has an acceptable spam score rating, TROY Group then checks the appearance and deliverability of their email campaign with Pinpointe’s Email Campaign Previewer—a feature that displays the campaign as it will appear in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, and then recommends HTML fixes for each email system if necessary.


The last step involves tracking and reporting and comes into play after TROY Group sends an email campaign to their customers. With this feature, the company can gather accurate reports from each campaign sent that provide specific details, including:

  • Open Statistics—includes the contact’s email addresses and any links they clicked on in the message
  • Hard/ Soft Bounce Activity Reports—includes a summary graph broken down by “hard” vs. “soft” email bounces, along with a detailed list of each bounce record
  • Top Domain Performance Reporting— provides a breakdown of confirmed, unconfirmed, bounced and forwarded messages for the top 10 domains represented in TROY Group’s uploaded emails lists

The Benefits

With the help of Pinpointe’s email marketing system’s many features, TROY Group can now effortlessly create, send, and track a variety of email campaigns, which include emails about their products, tradeshow follow-up campaigns, and campaigns that support customer retention – all which have a high deliverability rate.

With multiple staff members trained on Pinpointe’s easy-to-use HTML editor, the company can continuously ensure that all of their email campaigns get out on time and on target. With the assistance of Pinpointe features like Spam Checker and Inbox Preview, they can skillfully choose acceptable words when preparing email campaign copy and tweak their messages to appear correctly in just about every browser – features that have dramatically increased TROY Group’s deliverability rates and limited their ‘Blocked Due to Content’ results.

Furthermore, Pinpointe’s tracking and email reporting consistently provides TROY Group with a good indication as to how their customers respond to each of their email campaigns. With a greater insight into how each email is received, the company is able to tweak, change and test their messages to increase open and lead results. They are also able to gather lead information from Pinpointe reports, which is then passed on to Troy Group’s sales representatives.

The Results

With the help of Pinpointe’s email marketing service, TROY Group has been able to reinforce the benefits of purchasing products from their company to their customers and prospects alike. With the improved marketing visibility Pinpointe’s system offers, TROY Group has seen a rise in their sales.

The email campaigns they have sent out through Pinpointe have established their company as a source of authority in their prospects’ minds when they’re looking for secure on-demand printing solutions. Increased opens, clicks, and conversions from TROY Group’s email campaigns have resulted in a 22% increase of credible leads, along with reactivating numerous past customers.

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