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You’ve crafted a fantastic email campaign and optimized the copy, and…

you’re ready to send your campaign, newsletter or special offer.

Now for the big question, “What’s the best time to send your email campaign?” Time of day, day of the week, offer-type, and audience are all critical factors to help you determine the most optimal time to schedule your campaign. Based on analysis of nearly a billion emails AND interviews with over 20 industry experts, we’ve created an informative guide to help you determine the best sending time (and day). Send at the wrong time – and your results could take a 40% hit in response rates. Timing your email campaigns is one of the top 3 things you can control to impact results..

What you’ll learn:

  • Which day of the week works best
  • What time of the day is most optimal, and when your audience ignore you
  • How mobile vs. desktop results compare
  • Optimal times for B2B vs. B2C are different – learn why and when to send.
  • And more…

Register to download our handy guide and optiize your timing now.

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