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Want your customers to love & share your email newsletters?

Customers respond to eNewsletters…if they’re done right. There are dozens of small decisions that marketers make every time an eNewsletter is created. From selecting images, picking up creative and responsive design, to writing effective copy — each step affects how a subscriber engages with the content. In this on-demand webinar, content creator Lisa Furgison McEwen helps you create a modern eNewsletter that your subscribers will not only read but share with others.

In this webinar, you’ll see:

  • The effectiveness of eNewsletters
  • eNewsletter best practices
  • How eNewsletters have evolved over time
  • A break down of the components of an effective eNewsletter
  • Tons of examples of bad and good eNewsletters, and more!

View this webinar and deck to learn how to start creating awesome eNewsletters that exceed average response rates.

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