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With long sales cycles, it’s a challenge for B2B marketers to turn leads into sales.

Learn how with helpful tips in this 20-minute webinar!

It’s often challenging for B2B marketers to identify where leads are in the sales cycle and how to determine when and what kind of content/offers those leads would best respond to. In this rapid-fire webinar, leading authority on Internet direct marketing, Reggie Brady provides B2B marketers with a plan of action that will help you identify where leads are in the sales cycle and how to develop a sequence of offers and communications to support those different stages.

Watch now to take the first step of putting your marketing content into action to statrt nurturing your leads. Real results are waiting! 

What you’ll learn:

  • Leverage and map marketing content you already have
  • Recognize the signals of where leads land in the sales cycle
  • See a sample of a three-month sales cycle
  • Walk away with four simple action items that will help you start nurturing your leads today
  • Plus more…

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